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Why Hire An Immigration Attorney?

There is a lot of information on the internet about immigration, you may feel somewhat confident that an attorney is not required to resolve your immigration troubles. At Delgato Law, we have seen countless problems come about from people who have finally turned to us to assist them in unraveling the damage caused by trying to do it themselves. Our understanding of immigration law allows us to bring about favorable resolutions which would be unobtainable by those who do not have an extensive knowledge of immigration statutes and policies.

Immigration law is constantly changing and the terminology used is hard to understand. There are very specific procedures that must be followed and separate departments within the government that take care of different functions. You must know exactly what action should be taken, what the deadlines are, the applicable forms and supporting documentation and how to present a convincing argument in a case.

Most individuals do not know what to do if they have received an order of removal, need to file an appeal to the BIA (Board of Immigration Appeals), or want to apply for asylum. Perhaps you need to renew your green card, have been denied the ability to visit the United States. or wish to remove conditional residency. You may not be certain as to what action to take first. A Palm Beach County immigration attorney from our firm is here to answer your questions and help you to achieve your immigration objectives.

Palm Beach County Immigration Lawyer

Your goal of remaining in this country to live and work is at risk without a dedicated professional from our firm. You may have encountered a company that promotes immigration consulting that appears to be reputable. Are you willing to take their advice as opposed to a lawyer and are you prepared to live with the consequences? You and your family’s future are far too important to leave in the hands of anyone other than a proven legal professional.

We offer reasonable fees to our clients so that they may take advantage of our skill and dedication without having to navigate such a complex legal process on their own. Contact a West Palm Beach immigration attorney for effective assistance in bringing any immigration situations to a favorable close.

  • 17 Aug, 2015
  • Jackie Delgado
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